Customer Help

How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order within 24 hours after placing it, before it has been handed over to the carrier. If you need to cancel your order, please contact us immediately through our contact page, and we will process your request promptly.

How can I track my order?

You can view real-time shipping updates on the “Track My Order” page.

How can I find my order numbers or order history ?

If you have not registered on our website, please search for emails from “” in your email inbox to find past order notification emails and your corresponding order numbers.

If you are registered on our site, you can log in on the “My Account” page and find all your historical orders under the Orders Tab.

How do I request returns, exchanges, or a refund?

Please fill out the form on the “30 Days Hassle-free Return” page, and we will process your request within 24 hours.

Will my refund be subject to any fees?

We provide a full refund without any deductions for processing fees. However, in some regions, debit cards may incur a fee charged by local banks at the time of payment. This is known to happen in the UK and Canada. Unfortunately, these fees are not refunded by the banks when a refund is issued. For such cases, please contact your local bank’s customer service; we are unable to manage bank-imposed fees.

Can you provide gift wrapping or gift cards?

Currently, we do not offer gift wrapping or gift card services. If these options become available in the future, you will see them as add-on options at the checkout page.

Does Gefunon® controller wake up the switch?

Yes, press the HOME Button, then it will wake up console and reconnect. Just make sure it is connected to console before.

Does Gefunon® controller have Gyro?

Yes,our switch controller supports six Gyro axis function and dual motors vibration function,that will bring you a more realistic gaming experience.

Is the vibration level adjustable?

Press “Turbo” and “Start +” at the same time to increase vibration force,or press “Turbo” and “Start -” to reduce vibration force.

Does Gefunon® controller scan amibos?

No, it doesn’t support nfc.

How do I know when my controller is fully charged?

When the blue indicator light is always on, it means that the controller is fully charged.

What does the 12 months warranty cover?

GFOGAMING offers a one-year replacement warranty for all products purchased from our website. The warranty covers defects on controller and battery. If a defect is found, we will replace the product at no charge.

What should I do if the controller’s battery won’t charge, or it discharges too quickly after charging?

Please contact us on the “Warranty Service” page. After assessing the condition of your controller, we will either replace the battery or provide you with a new controller.

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